Between these lines ……

Glenn Tillet
May 4, 2019

With the main pistons of their offensive engine, sparkplug guard Jamal Kelly and super forward Daniel Conorque both with 4 fouls, and a resurgent San Pedro Tiger Sharks with an eight-point lead, things looked dicey for the Griga Dream Ballers at the Civic by the Riva last night. Time was running out on their season, their tournament, their playoff hopes, and championship dreams.
But unlikely heroes emerged. Captain Edgar Mitchell grabbed the steering wheel to score 16 hard driving points, dish 7 assists and grab 7 boards whilst Delvon “Hendo” Henderson hit 3 threes from deep just when they needed it most, to finish with a team-high 20 points.
San Pedro’s big man Martavius Adams had a game-high 23 points, 9 boards, and along with Jihad Wright’s 22, they were their team’s balky, creaky, sputtering offense. They also played too long minutes trying to stay with Griga’s speed and did not have the legs just when the needed it most.
After Griga had clung to narrow leads nearly the entire game, it fell behind by a point 43-42 at the start of the fourth quarter. 
Adams soon had the Tiger Sharks up by 8 in less than a minute, the largest lead of any team so far in the game, and threatening to run away and moving on in the playoffs.
But remarkably by halfway through the quarter the combination of Edgar Mitchell driving and dishing, and Delvon Henderson raining threes mostly from deep, Griga was up by 10.
When an obviously exhausted Adams picked up 3 quick fouls, his second, third and fourth, and Darren Bovell sent him to the bench with them trailing by 8, Griga only had to protect its lead over the final 2 minutes.
Jamal Kelly picked up his fourth foul near the end of the third quarter and did not return. Daniel Conorque picked up his third and fourth fouls in the fourth quarter but finished the game on the court. His block outs and defensive effort on Adams were key though.
The third edition of this trifecta presumably in Griga will be another barn burner. No offense Griga fans, and knowing that I have yet to attend a game at the Russel Chiste Auditorium, but the players love performing at the Civic by The Riva. I have fallen for the games there, so don’t mind me but I could imagine what it would be like if there were bus loads of Griga’s passionate fans, and boatloads of Pedro’s passionate fans. There were two modest contingents of each there last night and boy, were they loud.
The on-court play almost evenly divided the City fans present who alternately at times joined both cheering sections in their loud and raucous applause. To quote Miss Jenny, I just loved, loved, loved it.
And oh, kudos to Teddy Andrewin, Dwight Cadle and Jevon Robateau for a well-officiated game. During timeouts, I saw them exchanging laughs as they huddled on court ‘cause it was that kind of game.